Extendicare Holyrood

Dining Experience


Focusing on resident satisfaction, our dining service aims to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for each individual, regardless of their health condition or physical limitations – helping to improve nutritional intake and clinical outcomes.

We prepare food on-site and serve three meals and three snacks daily for regular, texture modified and therapeutic diets to meet each resident’s individualized nutritional care plan. Our menu is developed corporately to ensure a high standard and is modified twice yearly in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter with input from residents and their family. Our menus offer a wide variety of nutritious choices at every meal.

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Meal Events

Ladies’ Tea:
  • We have Ladies’ Tea once a week where the ladies get together over tea and cookies to chat. Three times a year we make it High Tea with fine china, and finger sandwiches. The ladies wear their best dresses and even make their own fascinators for the occasion.
Men’s Coffee:
  • Not to be outdone, there is Men’s Coffee once a week when they get together to talk about sports, current events and other topics of interest.
Happy Hour:
  • Twice a week we have Happy Hour where residents can relax and socialize over a maximum of two drinks.
Valentine’s Day Lunch:
  • Every Valentine’s Day, we host a very special couples only lunch.